The Houses

The Ninth House

Element Fire
Type Cadent
Related Sign Sagittarius
Natural Rulers Jupiter and Neptune 
Joy Sun

Together, the areas of life that allow us to make experiences and mature, form the Ninth House. There are many ways of initiation to life; the simplest is traveling. During long journeys we break our usual routine to enter a special mindset. Far away from daily worries and problems our life assumes another dimension. We open ourselves to foreign ways of thinking, eating and living. We also have the chance to explore different cultures and lifestyles. All this enables us to understand better ourselves and our culture. In other words, it makes us grow wiser.

Another way to mature is to travel mentally, exploring the great systems of thought—questioning what we take for granted. Philosophy, theology, ethics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, science, and so on. All forms of higher education belong to the Ninth House. While the opposite third house remains on the surface, the ninth goes deep, looking for answers to the mysteries of life.

A minivan in the desert as a symbol for the Ninth House

The Ninth House is also about judgment. In all societies when it comes to judging an issue, the wise elders are involved. For this reason the Ninth House rules the judiciary and all court proceedings. In fact only people of intellect and experience can rightly interpret the laws and apply them wisely. Being the house that preserves justice in society, the ninth is where we are able to develop a greater sense of belonging. Indeed all forms of community—especially the religious ones—are ruled by this house.

Finally, the ninth is the place where we hold our ideals. Although nowadays they might only be pale shadows, it’s impossible to not have any. Our ninth can tell us whether we are idealists or not, and the kind of ideals we tend to follow in life. For example, someone can be vegan for matters of principle while others may be very devoted to their local church, and so on. Even tough the ninth is a cadent house it is very import to understand how much elevated a person is.


Key Words

  • Experience, maturity, wisdom, deep understanding
  • Traveling, exploration, foreign countries,
  • higher education, philosophy, religion, ideals
  • sense of belonging, community, trust, the judiciary

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