The Houses

The First House

Element Fire
Type Angular
Related Sign Aries
Natural Rulers Mars and Pluto
Joy Mercury

The First House is very simple to understand, although its implications are very complex. Basically, this house represents our identity and everything we generally speaking identify with. As such it relates first of all to our body, and as a result also to the body image we bear in our psyche. All matters concerning body image (anorexia, obesity, low self-esteem, etc.) belong to the first house as well.

Usually we act and behave according to our identity. If we identify with a Rambo-like image we will probably end up in the jungle, shouldering a machine gun. The identity shapes the character, and thus directs our destiny. This is the reason why in astrology we call the rising sign (the Ascendant, the cusp of the First House) the ego-in-action.

A mask as a symbol for the First House

As you can imagine the first is a very self-centered house. It is the piece of the sky where we feel to be the protagonists of the story. Here we visualize ourselves alone on the stage of life. A very strong first is always a sign for a big ego, which always comes with pros and cons.

While the pros are very well known—high self-esteem, courage, self-confidence, etc.—the cons are the result of a constant feeling of being under the spot light. A big ego brings with it the fear of always having to prove others your value and maintain high standards. It is as if you were always in competition, whether you like it or not.

This can be very stressful and frustrating, not to mention that it is a mindset based on an illusion. In fact no one thinks about you all the time (nobody really cares!) and the cases where you really make a difference for someone are very few. In the end it’s all in your head, even though the pain is real.


Key Words

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