The Houses

The Eleventh House

Element Air
Type Succedent
Related Sign Aquarius
Natural Ruler Uranus
Joy Jupiter

The Eleventh House is basically the house of friendship. It is also the house of projects, interests and hopes to make the world a better place. Let’s compare it to the opposed Fifth House to better understand how these concepts—which seem so far from one another—are connected. First of all, while the fifth is the summer house of passions the eleventh is the bright house of interests. We burn in the former, whereas we make plans in the latter. As we have seen, the fifth is a personalistic house: we are the star. On the contrary, in the eleventh other people—the rest of the world—are the protagonists. They shine all together equally, just like a starry sky.

A woman feeling free as a symbol for the Eleventh House

With the ninth house, the eleventh rules our ideals, especially those humanitarian and social. Green Peace, Amnesty InternationalFAO, etc. are all humanitarian groups who want to improve the world, somehow. In this house we realize that we are all equal, and have equal rights. The eleventh rules allies and benefactors who come to our aid, especially people we can always count on: our friends. Friendship is probably the strongest meaning of this house. In fact it can tell us not only how we see friendship in general but also the kind of people we tend to choose as friends.

The Eleventh House is also the house of freedom. In fact all the areas of life we have just described are those that set us free. This because only relationships of mutual support based on common interests can meet individual freedom. After all, we are able to feel completely free only among true friends.

In conclusion we can say that the eleventh is a future-oriented house, both progressive and liberal. For this reason all the old structures and constraints—instances of the past that limit us—are dissolved in this house. Science and technology find here their place as well.


Key Words

  • Friends, benefactors, allies, humanitarian groups,
  • Revolution, rebellion, disobedience, fight,
  • Freedom, equality, brotherhood, social justice, rights
  • Projects, hopes, ideals, world improvement

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