The Elements


Water flows—always changing—with the current of life, without resistance. It rules every spring, river and sea, as well as all liquids we carry in our bodies. In ancient times these fluids were called humours, and were hold in high regard, since their balance was the key to good health. Moreover, humours were thought to determine emotions and feelings which—like inner waters—wave through our souls.

In Astrology Water is the deep element of the psyche that guides us towards the world of the unconscious. It is the element of things which remain unseen, but we still can feel with our insight. It draws us within. The world of this element is made of romance, fantasy, dreams and visions. It nurtures us, makes Earth fertile, heals our wounds and teaches us compassion and sacrifice.

Water is the element of Life and Love.


The Power of Healing

Water has the unique ability to heal itself. Through transformation—changing from liquid to gas, and to liquid again—it follows an endless cycle that continuously purifies its essence, leaving behind dirt and impurities. Since it’s able to clean itself, Water can also clean others.

It sacrifices itself, getting dirty for our own good and clearing away what troubles us. On the physical level it cleans us; on the psychological level it gives us relief—easing pain, distress, and anxiety. Its touch is like a gentle caress that nurtures the soul and detoxicates the body.

On its journey, Water gets to know the depths of the ocean as well as the heights of the sky—putting in communication on a deep level all opposites. This is another peculiarity which makes Water the element of healing, for only the reconciliation of opposites can lead us to the cure. And in order to balance them, you must first know them.


Key Words

  • emotions, feelings, love, healing
  • welcome, acceptance, hospitality, nourishment
  • unconscious, dreams, imagination, creativity,
  • life force, memories, the past, family

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