The Elements


Fire is about passion, desire, drive, and will. It is the burning energy that fuels our lives, spurring us on. It gives us strength, direction and courage to achieve our goals and make a difference in the world. Furthermore, it expands our consciousness through the flame of inspiration. Faith is its gift, and with the enthusiastic confidence it provides there’s nothing we can’t do.

Mastering this element, mankind was able to penetrate the secrets of transformation and the mysteries of transmutation. Actually every transformation process—whether directed outwardly or inwardly—requires Fire. We learned to heat water, cook food, melt and work metals, and in ancient times Alchemy—the art of Fire—was held in high regard. Maybe one day we will recognize once again the power of our inner flame–our Spirit.

Fire, branch, tree

The Power of Creation

Everything comes from a sparkle of light and energy. The pre-socratic greek philosopher Heraclitus believed Fire to be the Archè–the origin and beginning of all creation. And modern science refers to the Big Bang theory as the prevailing cosmological model for the birth of the universe.

Both the ancient and modern theories were guided by the same intuition: Fire has the power to create. Similarly, in Astrology it represents the potential and unexpressed energy of creation: the sparkle of a new born intention. This is the reason why this element is also the door to the always-creating world of the Spirit.

Descending the ladder of the elements, from the most subtle to the densest, we walk a path that goes from creativity to manifestation (which is ruled by Earth). While Water brings in what is out, as its complementary element Fire follows the opposite direction.


Key Words

  • initial spark, energy, power, boost, thrust,
  • enthusiasm, confidence, ambition, action,
  • creation, generation, protection, purification,
  • sports battles, competitions, challenges

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