The Elements


Among the Elements, Earth is the simplest to understand since it is the element of material things. The chair you’re sitting on, your screen or the phone you’re holding in your hand as you read these pages, are made of it. Earth makes the experience of a solid, tangible world possible.

Earth, forest, light

We can say that everything that keeps us with our feet on the ground—literally and figuratively—is made of this type of energy. It is the foundation of our lives. We easily recognize it in our house, job, and money: the pillars of our stability and survival.

On the psychological level we attune with Earth energy when we take responsability; when we plan and get things done; when we objectively see situations for what they really are.

A Coin as Symbol of Earth

The Power of Manifestation

We might dream big, have great ideas, but they are just fine proposals until they manifest, somehow. Even the most burning desire remains ineffective wihout Earth. This because its power is the power of Manifestation, namely the force which realizes and materializes everything.

You can think of our goals—our thoughts—as seeds. Everything has to grow first in order to bear fruit. And Earth is the element from which all things spring. Without it we miss the ground under our feet, and our lives lack of fertility and abundance.

In our society money is the purest form of this type of energy. In fact every physical asset potentially comes from it. With money we can buy enough resources and workforce to manifest our desires. For the same reason our job also comes from money, being part of the same manifestation process.


Key Words

  • solidity, stability, durability, safety,
  • matter, senses, shape, manifestation, tradition
  • firmness, wisdom, stubbornness, seriousness, reliability
  • money, wealth, agriculture, underground

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