The Elements


In our considerations about the basic principles of Astrology, we’re ascending the ladder of elements: from the physicality of Earth, through the emotional realm of Water, to the conscious light of the mind. Air is indeed the element of thoughts, intellect, logic and reason and rules everything that makes us see things clearly.

Air, dandelion

It is the element of space, so it deals with what we perceive through the air: light, sounds, and smells. This is why Air is also the element of our main physical senses: sight, hearing and smelling. Thoughts become words, which travel from mouth to ear, making Air the element of communication. In fact while Water connects us on a deep level, Air keeps us in touch on a superficial level (on the surface, we could say). That’s what makes the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication.


The Power of Freedom

Freedom comes from a free mind. If someone controls our thoughts, deciding what we possibly can or can’t think, we’re not free. We might have a more or less wide spectrum of choice, but we still wear invisible chains. Our critical thinking—being able to assess the other side of the coin—expands our inner horizon, making real choice possible.

Still, this is not what makes us feel that unique sensation of freedom. It is the lightness of the soul (which might become carelessness) what we seek. In other words, a pair of wings that may elevate us above the heaviness of life.

This is the gift of Air: the element which comes with light, beauty, singing, music, dancing, laughter and ultimately joy.


Key Words

  • sight, light, space, beauty, the senses,
  • sounds, hearing, singing, voice, relationships
  • communications, reports, messages,
  • freedom, movement, change

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