Happy Holidays

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Hey Guys,

this is an aside post just to say hi and wish you happy holidays.

I’m going to be back in late August with new articles, and hopefully with some news.

We are in troubled times, and apparently the Saturn-Uranus square is harshly putting us against each other. For this reason I wanted to greet you by pointing out this article:

Meteor Showers — The Iron of the Gods against Anxiety and Fear

Tonight is going to be St. Lawrence’s Night. May the cosmic iron shine through our blood, strengthening us against fear—a feeling that’s increasingly trying to ensnare our hearts these days.

Happy Holidays

— Roberto

Per Aspera ad Sidera

The Return of Jupiter with Two Full Moons in Aquarius 2021

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The sky is perfectly clear again. The air becomes transparent like crystal, and the purest light extends through it. The higher mind strays from the moist quality of mysticism. And its clarity can return to address the contingent problems of existence.
Philosophy ceases to be speculation. The world is asking for attention to find a solution to the challenges of the moment. A time when social issues are heating up again.

Seagull flying free in a blue sky
Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

On July 28th Jupiter retrograde got back into Aquarius. The Great Benefic left its nocturnal domicile in Pisces to fuel up again ideals of freedom and Social Justice.

And not only Jupiter’s presence is going to shape the astral world into Aquarian thought-forms. But we are also going to have an extra Full Moon in Aquarius during the upcoming lunation.

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Sun enters Leo 2021 — A Moment for Retrospective and Compassion

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We are entering the very heart of Summer. Leo, the golden sign, bearer of the forces of the Sun. The human hearts open up to the heat, recognizing in it the trace of an ancient form of life. The golden age, the lost childhood of humanity, when the mind hadn’t started to lie to us yet.

But in the crucible of summer heat, new sulphurous instincts are cultivated in us, which rekindle the flame of struggle. Whereas our Soul patiently wait for the cosmic iron of St. Lorence’s night, to cool them down.

Leone di San Marco, Basilica di San Marco, Venezia
Leone di San Marco
Basilica di San Marco, VENICE

In this article we are going to summarize the last astrological months. We are going to look at the direction we’ve been taking so far, in order to better understand where we are going and what to expect in the near future.

As always, we are also going to take into the account the Zodiacal Virtue of the Month.

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Astrosophy — The Movement of the Planets and the Number of Petals of the Chakras

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When we deal with spirituality it is inevitable to stumble upon the Chakra System. Imported and popularized in the West through the Theosophical Society at the end of the nineteenth century, chakras have become a reference point for thousands of practitioners.

It is undeniable that Eastern esotericism has been widely adopted and adapted in all Western countries. With the Chakra System becoming a fundamental structure for the inner development of the individual.

But why are there exactly seven chakras or lotus flowers? And what does their number of petals depend on? The answer lies in the relationship between Man—the Microcosm—and the Macrocosm.

In this article we are going to talk about chakras in relation to the planets of Astrology. And by looking at their movement in outer space, we are also going to understand why the chakras, by mirroring those movements, have just that number of petals.

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Astrosophy — The Tropical Zodiac as Emanation of the Spiritual Beings of the Solar Sphere

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In a previous article about Astrosophy we discussed about the spiritual origins of the Sidereal Zodiac. In this post, we are going to continue this series that focuses on the Three Zodiacs. We are going to be talking specifically about the Tropical Zodiac, and its relationship with the spiritual hierarchies and the Soul World.

In this way, not only we are going to better understand its genesis as we have done for the Sidereal. But we are also going to deepen its relationship with the Soul World and the planetary spheres.

All this, to develop further the impulse for an integrated form of Astrology that takes into account the Zodiac Archetype on all its levels of manifestation: Spiritual, Soul and Physical.

A representation of the Tropical Zodiac as Emanation of the Spiritual Beings of the Solar Sphere

Again, let’s start from the general scheme of the Three Zodiacs. As we know, the Zodiac Archetype unfolds on three levels, manifesting itself into the:

  • Spiritual World as the Sidereal Zodiac;
  • Soul World as the Tropical Zodiac;
  • Physical World as the Astrological Houses.

As we have done for the Sidereal, we can ask ourselves: where does the Tropical Zodiac come from? While the Sidereal is ancient as the stars in the sky, we are going to see that the Tropical is way much younger.

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Sun enters Cancer 2021 — Unselfishness becomes Catharsis

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The Sun is about to reach its maximum peak, as the shadows at noon are getting shorter and shorter. The Soul of the World soars towards the cosmos, abandoning itself to the heights of the stellar worlds. Human senses become more powerful as light and heat penetrate deeper and deeper into our bodies. Besieged by the summer, consciousness surrenders to a sweet numbness.

The heat makes us feel attracted to the sea and its refreshment. Fire calls Water, Gold calls Silver. Out in the world, the alchemy of nature takes place, working in secret on the union of opposites. At the Summer Solstice, matter becomes subtle and turns into spirit—into the thinnest ethers. And with our participation, human vices are transformed into virtues.

Sun enters Cancer 2021 - Islands as flakes of gold in the ocean

But what does all this have to do with the sign of Cancer? And what is the relationship between this water sign and the summer heat? In this article we are going to talk about it in relation to the Virtue of the Zodiac given by Rudolf Steiner: Unselfishness becomes Catharsis.

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The Saturn Uranus Square in the Natal Chart

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We are born gentle and weak, but at death are stiff and hard.
Green plants are tender and filled with sap. 
At their death they are withered and dry. 
Therefore the stiff and unbending is the disciple of death. 
The gentle and yielding is the disciple of life.
Thus an army without flexibility never wins a battle. 
A tree that is unbending is easily broken.
The hard and strong will fall. 
The soft and weak will overcome

—Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching (Ch. 76)

There’s a moment in life when we need to take responsibility. It’s hard, and even though we don’t want to—we have to. Our steadfastness and rigidity become discipline, enabling us to move forward. We hold tight and we push till the end, to make it. We’ve all been there, right?

But how long can we last? What is our limit, or what’s the limit we give ourselves? We know it’s not going to work on the long run. Quickly, we are going to consume our life forces, running out of energies. As they say in hermeticism, we get drier and drier. We become frail. And quoting a verse in the introduction: “A tree that is unbending is easily broken“.

The Saturn Uranus Square in the Natal Chart: light through stone, as a symbol for Aquarius and Taurus

In Astrology, it is the forces of Saturn to bring this challenging impulse to us. On the other hand, the forces that enter this process—as a sort of breaking point—are brought by Uranus. This is especially true in this context, where we are trying to deal with the Saturn Uranus Square. A transit which started this year back in February, and that’s going to last till the end of 2022.

In previous posts, we discussed about it in general terms, trying first to understand the energies involved. And then, giving the transit a bigger picture in a 44-year cycle.

In this article instead, we are going to talk specifically about the Saturn Uranus Square in the Natal chart. We are going to talk about the same energies but on a more personal level, in order to understand how it is affecting us.

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