The Astrology of 2022

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It is in the darkest moments
hat the light shines the brightest.

As we did for 2021, in this article we are going to provide an overall view of 2022 Astrology. This year is going to be more rich and complex, in terms of astrological events. For this reason, I want to stress out again the importance of having in front of us the big picture of the year ahead, and taking a moment to contemplate it.

I’ve already talked about information fragmentation, as one of astrology main problems. Simply put, we tend to focus on single astrological events, tackling them one after the other. And by doing so, we loose contact with the essence of the year, which we should star looking at as a real spiritual being.

This article wants to be a contribution to get that connection back. It’s way much difficult to do it as we are going through the Wheel of the Year. In fact when we are inside the astral turbulence, we are too identified with what’s happening to us to be able to do so.

Let’s start by looking at this picture, that summarizes in a single glyph the astrological events of 2022.

We are leaving behind 2021—a year characterized by the Air Element. Mainly, 2022 is going to focus on both the Air and the Earth Elements. This for several reasons that we are going to take into account in this article, breaking down the glyph into its components.

As you can see next year glyph is more complex, because compared to last year, Mars and Venus were added. The circle in black at the center is the wheel of the Zodiac, as you can see from the twelve Zodiac Signs of the same color all around it. Then, we find:

  • In green, the orbit of Venus—which is going to get retrograde in Capricorn soon, on December 19th. This event introduces the Earth Element, since Venus’ stay in Capricorn is going to last until early March 2022.
  • In yellow, the orbit of Mercury doing its three retrogrades stops during the year. Mercury is going to stop in all three air signs, as it did in 2021: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. However, after going retrograde it’s going enter back the three preceding Earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. As you can see, the Air-Earth pattern starts to take shape.
  • In purple, we find the positions of the two lunar nodes, the spots where eclipses take place. In late December, the North Node, the so called head of the Dragon, is going to enter Taurus (earth sign). And the South Node, the tail of the Dragon, is going to move to Scorpio (water sign). This means that all 2022 Eclipses are going to take place in those signs.
  • In blue, Jupiter. As we know, Jupiter changes sign once a year, giving it a specific color. On December 29th, Jupiter is going to enter Pisces, as it did in May 2021. This is going to bring beneficial forces of harmonization, thanks to the aspects it’s going to make with all three trans-Saturnian planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
  • In red, we have the orbit of Mars retrograde. Mars is going to stay in Gemini (air sign) for an exceptionally long period of time: from late August 2022 to late march 2023. This is going to boost the air element for this year.
  • Lastly, we have also in red the well known Saturn Uranus Square. We’ve been discussing about it though out all 2021. And even though it’s not going to perfect again in 2022, it’s going to almost doing it, performing a partile aspect in fall 2022.

Let’s see now all these points into more detail. We are going to deepen them in specific articles as the year unfolds. So we’re just going to get here a preview of what’s coming next.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

Venus has entered Capricorn on November 5th 2021, and it’s going to leave it only on March 6th 2022. This is going to be a very interesting process, not only for the significations of Venus in Capricorn. But also because it is going to involve a stellium (cluster of planets) in the same sign.

So what does all this mean? Venus is our value-giving faculty. And Capricorn is a Zodiac sign that speaks of austerity. When we look at the Earth element through the lenses of Capricorn, we need to take responsibility and do what the situation requires.

In Capricorn Venus values savings, sense of survival, and the strength to get out of situations by ourselves. This is the kind of Earth that 2022 immediately introduce to us.

On top of that, Venus is going to make a very long conjunction with Mars, which is going to last roughly a couple of Months. It’s going to start in Capricorn, and it’s going to prolong into Aquarius. And usually the presence of Mars makes things more challenging.

The Comet Leonard

To counterbalance the expected situation for the Capricorn region, Comet Leonard unexpectedly appeared. The comet crossed in early December 2021 the ecliptic right in Capricorn, suddenly becoming more visible. You can learn more about the meaning of its appearance by clicking the button below.

Mercury Elemental Triangle
of Air and Earth

Mercury turns retrograde three times a year, stopping rhythmically in zodiac signs of the same element. During 2020 Mercury formed an Elemental Triangle of Water; in 2021 an Elemental Triangle of Air. In 2022 it’s going to form an Elemental Triangle of Air and Earth.

This because the first station of each retrograde period is always going to happen in the first 10 degrees of the air signs: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Whereas the second stop of each retrograde period is always going to be in the late degrees of the earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

For example, the first retrograde period is going to start on January 14th 2022 at 10° Aquarius, where Mercury is going to turn retrograde. Then, Mercury is going to turn direct again on February 4th at 24° Capricorn.

This Air-Earth combo is going to challenge us on both a social (air) and economic (earth) level. We are going to be requested by the cosmos to process our social interactions, as well as our shadows in the economic and work fields. But to be more accurate we will have to tackle each retrograde period in specific articles.

2022 Eclipses
Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio

Every year there are about four to six eclipses. We are not aware of that because most of the times they are not visible from where we are. But they are there, and every time a new moon or a full moon take place on a lunar node, we get an eclipse. For this reason they occur in small sequences of 2-3 eclipses every about six months. We call them “eclipse seasons”.

Their effect is very important for life on earth. From a spiritual standpoint they function like release valves of naughty astral forces from the Earth to the Astral World (and viceversa).

In 2022 the biggest news concerns the shift of the north/south node to the signs of Taurus/Scorpio, respectively. Eclipses in 2022 are all going to take place in those signs.

In general, eclipses bring deep transformation and sudden changes in the areas of life indicated by Taurus and Scorpio. So the shift of the nodes represent in this regard a change. The previous transformation cycle, which took place in Gemini and Sagittarius, is over and a new one begins.

First Season

  • April 30, 2022: Partial Solar Eclipse at 10° 28′ Taurus
  • May 16, 2022: Total Lunar Eclipse at 25° 17′ Scorpio

Second Season

  • October 25, 2022: Partial Solar Eclipse at 2° 00′ Scorpio
  • November 8, 2022: Total Lunar Eclipse at 16° 00′ Taurus

Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Every roughly a couple of years Mars turns retrograde. Last time it was retrograde in Aries in September 2020; next year it’s going to get retrograde in Gemini in October 2022. Mars remains retrograde for a good two months, but the most interesting aspect is that by doing so, it tends to stay in the same sign for very a long time.

In this case, Mars is going to stay in Gemini from August 20th to March 25th 2022. This means that Mars will remain in the same sign for a full seven months.

This is going to give an extra oomph to the Air Element, adding up to that’s going to brought by Mercury. And of course it’s going to bring a big challenge—and sometimes fights—in the area of life represented by Gemini (communication). In particular, we’ll have to look at our natal chart to understand how the transit is going to affect us.

On top of that, during 2022 Mars is going to transit on the half of the Zodiac occupied by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This means that this year we are also going to have the corresponding conjunctions with all three the generational planets.

Jupiter in Pisces and Aries

Let’s now take a look at Jupiter. In May 2021 the Great Benefic entered Pisces, and stayed there for a couple of months. It got back to Aquarius in late July, to enter again Pisces on December 29th. In 2022 Jupiter is going to be in two signs as well: Pisces and Aries.

Of the two, the most interesting is Jupiter in Pisces. Not only because it’s in its domicile, but because from Pisces Jupiter is going to make good aspects with all three generational planets:

  • A sextile with Uranus in Taurus on February 18th 2022;
  • A conjunction with Neptune in Pisces on April 12th 2022;
  • A sextile with Pluto in Capricorn on May 3rd 2022.

In the year glyph we have highlighted those sextile with two blue lines connecting Pisces with Taurus and Capricorn (see the picture above). Sextiles are harmonizing aspect, so in general we can expect them to contribute positively to the overall situation of the first half of the year.

However, the conjunction with Neptune is going to take place during two stellium in Pisces, two cumuli of four planets each. The first in mid-March, when Mercury and the Sun are going to join Neptune and Jupiter. The second in late April, together with Venus and Mars.

This means that although this conjunction is good, and the effect of Jupiter in Pisces is benefic, the “mobile energies” of Pisces are going to be very strong. As you may know, Pisces is a very emotional and chaotic sign, so we’ll have to analyze its effect in a dedicated article.

Jupiter in Aries instead, is going to feature a very interesting conjunction with Mars, the ruler of that sign.

The Last Wave of
the Saturn Uranus Square

If you follow this blog regularly, you will have heard me talking about this Square for a year now. This because not only it’s been the most important event of 2021, but also because it’s not finished yet. If you are interested you can click the button below to read more about it:

The Square is not going to perfect again. This means that the two planets are not going to be exactly in a Square from Christmas’ Eve 2021 on. If you are interested you can also read about the effect of the Square in your natal chart by clicking on the button below:

Even though the planets are not going to be in a perfect square, they are almost going to form one on October 4rth, 2022. In fact they are going to be extremely close to perfection: Saturn at 18° 52′ Aquarius and Uranus at 18° 15′ Taurus.

Technically this is a partile Square, exact to the degree (even not to the minute). This is enough to consider this event as the last wave of the Saturn-Uranus Square. In a previous article I talked about their 44-year cycle, you can read it by clicking on the button below:

In Conclusion

Last year has been highly focused on the Air Element—the Element of thinking, communication and social interactions. In fact we’ve been witnessing to several social struggles that led to a massive popular polarization. But this year, even though this process is still ongoing, we’ll need to look at the Earth Element more closely.

Earth is the element of matter, money and job occupation. In other words, we’ll need to take care of the mid-term consequences of the crisis we’ve been facing in the last couple of years. And they are going to challenge us on both the social and the economic side (Mercury) requiring us to take responsibility (Venus). Especially because we are going to experience a deep transformation of the economic structure (Eclipses in Taurus/Scorpio).

All this is going to cause, especially in March and April, a lot of emotional turbulence (stellium in Pisces). Whereas the same social tension we are witnessing those days (December 2021) will come back in a similar fashion in fall 2022 (Saturn-Uranus Square).

The presence of Jupiter in Pisces is the best part of 2022. Especially if we tune in with the main significations of this transit: spiritual ideals, overcoming materialism, universal love and compassion, faith, trust, connection to the divine, wisdom coming from the spiritual world (Anthroposophy). It is in the darkest moments that the light shines the brightest.

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