Astrolog on MacOS X

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Hey guys, so I just wanted to update you real quick about what I’m working on right now. I was looking for a very versatile astrology software for transits analysis and I was surprised discovering the potential of Astrolog, a free software developed by Walter D. Pullen.

It is a command line software (old DOS style!) with graphical features. I managed to compile+link it with graphic features for Mac (X11 XQuartz project) and so far it works very well.

I think this is on one hand a very underestimated program. On the other it is also very geeky and not so easy to use—you really need to know what you are doing. But the potential is big!

For example, Astrolog is one of the few astrology software around that can render 3D graphics. I love it, and I think I’m gonna use it for displaying charts on the blog. In the near future I might be able to integrate it on the blog itself with a web page interface!

Have a good week 🙏☀️


Update: I’ve added a new page in the blog about how to install Astrolog on macOS with X11 graphics

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