[Aside Post] Wood Handmade 3 Zodiacs Wheel

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Sometime ago a dear friend of mine reached out to me showing this beautiful wood handmade Three Zodiacs Wheel. Turned out that he’s making them on commission now, so I want to support him with this aside post.

The wood can be used to trace the planetary movements across all 3 Zodiacs:

  • The Tropical Zodiac
  • The Sidereal Zodiac
  • The Astronomical Zodiac

If we want to learn more about it, I’ve discussed about the differences between these Zodiacs in a previews article. Check-out the PDF at the bottom of the post to learn how it works!

Here’s some pictures (click on them to enlarge):

This is a beautiful way to tuning into the rhythm of the planets, and also getting a broader understanding about the difference between their seasonal (time) and physical (space) position.

You can find all the information about the product in the PDF down below, which I really recommend you to download!

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