A Quick Glimpse Into 2021

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Hi guys, so I’ve started studying the main transits and configurations taking place in 2021. In this post I just want to briefly list out what’s coming in the following months.

Mainly, the greatest shifts for the next two months concern another series of eclipses and the Saturn Jupiter conjunction occurring in the air element. As you may know we have roughly 5-6 eclipses every year, divided into two small sequences. This because eclipses are basically full moons, or new moons, aligned with the lunar nodes. So every sequence covers circa 2-3 months.

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This is perfectly normal. More interesting—and certainly rarer—is the upcoming Saturn Jupiter conjunction that is going to shift the element in which it occurs. This conjunction happens every 20 years, and it take place in zodiac signs of the same element for more or less 200 years. Every 800 years the cycle restarts, taking the fire element as the starting point. We are now shifting from an earth based cycle to an air based cycle. This is going to cause a shift of the dominating social paradigma that we are going to deepen in a specific article.

For 2021, two main aspects will be of greatest interest. Alas, one of them is the Saturn Uranus square, that is going to clearly represent the short term consequences of 2020. Saturn is about rule and control, whereas Uranus is the planet of social justice and revolutions. They’re going to fight each other during all 2021.

The second main aspect is going to be the sextile between Pluto and Neptune. This is still a very weak aspect, since it is going to perfect only in 2025. Still, I think we are going to see the first seeds that are going to transform the main structures of power to ensure an economic recovery. This recovery was theorized by the famous mundane astrologer André Barbault.

Main Aspects of 2021 – 4 DEGREES TOLERANCE

Summing it up:

  • Eclipses of November / December
  • The Saturn Jupiter conjunction in the air element starting in December
  • The Saturn Uranus square
  • First signs of the Neptune Pluto sextile

Lastly, we’re going to have the usual 3 cycles of Mercury retrograde this time taking place in the air signs. Stay tuned for future updates, thanks for reading!


  1. Muy interesante y penosa situación. Sigamos manteniéndonos fuertes. Gracias por tu acertada investigación astronómica Roberto. Un abrazo.

  2. Very interesting and painful situation. Let’s keep staying strong. Thanks for your successful astronomical research Roberto. Greetings.

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