The Planets


Among the generational planets, Pluto is the last universally accepted by the astrological community. His name comes from the greek Ploutos (Πλούτος), which means wealthy, while in ancient greece was known as the god Hades. Like every generational planet Pluto represents a force we have to learn to handle, a new challenge mankind is struggling with.


Pluto as a Force

Pluto is basically a force of separation. Every time a veil keeps us completely separate from what lies behind a plutonian context, an “Hades”,  is created. You can think of it as a “little underworld”, since that separation determines a place which becomes inaccessible to the most. Our world splits into two different realities: one is clear, visible and cognizable; the other remains hidden or secret.

A dark tower, symbol of the power of Pluto

We must understand that we are not victims of this separation—we are actually co-creating it. If we were honest to ourselves we should admit that we need a place where to throw everything we don’t want to see: things we don’t like, or truths we are not ready to face. We might consider Pluto as an evil lord which keeps us in the dark, dividing us from truth. But we could also look at him as a merciful benefactor that protects us from what we can’t handle yet.

Still, if we don’t want to face the Hades, the Hades is going to have power on us. In other words, if we don’t know the truth we can’t be really free. We don’t know what’s pulling our strings, nor what’s going on behind the curtain. Hence, we are doomed to be like puppets in the hands of unknown—obscure—forces. Like C. G. Jung once said: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”


Sex and Power

In Astrology we encounter several kinds of power. The solar  power of creation and the saturnian power of control are good examples. However, there’s no greater power than the occult power of Pluto. In fact if you don’t know someone has power on you, you simply can’t fight him back. The interesting part is that Pluto doesn’t need to fight you at all; this because he really wants you to get what you want. The problem is that your desires or needs—ultimately what you are looking for—is secretly driven (or we should say manipulated) from the Hades.

Think of marketing, for example. It is a discipline which literally creates desires and infuses new needs. Or the financial world, which is a sector ruled by an elite that detains occult knowledge on economic operations. Fashion influencers, that through allusions are able to manipulate the free creativity of stylists and designers.  The world of magick and witchcraft that, whether you believe it or not, affects reality through occult rituals.

In conclusion, let’s see what sex have to do with all of this. First of all, sex is something that (most of the times) remains hidden: it’s something private. It’s also a form of body exploration, and as such it is a visit to the underworld. Sexual desire (see Mars’ symbology) is able to manipulate people enormously. And our marketers friends know it very well. Moreover, occultists claim to be able to channel sexual energy to use it as a source of power to manipulate subtler levels of reality.


Key Words

  • darkness, depth, mystery, occult, esoterism,
  • charisma, charm, magnetism, individualism, egotism,
  • protagonism, theatricality, drama, ritual,
  • acting, fiction, lies, deceit, falsehood,
  • revelation, unveiling, initiation,
  • invisibility, division, separation, borders, circle, limit,
  • sex, adrenaline, excitement, ecstasy, orgasm, excess,
  • putrefaction, disintegration, destruction, death,
  • creation, transformation, magic, creativity,
  • regeneration, power, politics, money, wealth

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