The Houses

The Fifth House

Element Fire
Type Succedent
Related Sign Leo
Natural Ruler Sun
Joy Venus

The Fifth House is about self-expression. It is the place where we are able to burn our inner fire and shine like a star, so to speak. Generally speaking, the fire element holds the power of creation. As such, every product of our free creativity with whom we identify (“it’s my creature!”) belongs to this house. As you can imagine, potentially it can be anything. In fact the fifth rules things very different from each other, and this is the reason why it can be difficult to understand sometimes.

For example, the fifth house rules both artworks and children. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating physically, mentally or spiritually—what counts here is that you are using your fire energy to create. Also note that every time you use that energy, you are consuming it. Through this process you burn fire in order to express yourself and meet your desires. Hence, you can think of the fifth also as the house where you consume your fire. In other words whenever you “shine” or “burn” you step into the fifth house.

A star exploding as a symbol for the Fifth House

There are many ways to do it, so let’s make some examples. As we said, creativity is one of them. Another good way is through Sports, or passions that we feed through the fire of our enthusiasm. For the same reasons romance, falling in love and (obviously) passionate sex also fall under its domain (although sexuality in general is better described by the eighth).

We must say that this house is very complex not only because there are many fire symbologies, but also because there are many ways of using them. For example everytime we are performing on a stage, driving the attention, we are expressing our talents (we are “shining”). Hence acting, performances and theaters are traditionally related to this house as well.


Key Words

  • Fire, passion, desire, enthusiasm, self-expression
  • Creativity, creation, emanation, products, artworks,
  • Children, pedagogy, leading by example,
  • Acting, stage, performance, drawing attention

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