Lapo Elkann Natal Chart – Fake Kidnapping Scandal

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Today all Italian newspapers have reported that Lapo Elkann, grandson of former Fiat Automobiles CEO Gianni Agnelli, faked his own kidnapping after he ran out of cash, during a two-day bender with a transsexual escort in New York (read The Daily Beast article for further details).

This is not the first time for Lapo, who was found in October 2005 overdosed in the apartment of a transsexual prostitute in Turin. After the death of his grandfather his life seems to be full of successes and scandals. Let’s take a look at his Natal Chart to better understand what is leading him like a moth towards the flame.


Lapo was born on October 7, 1977 in New York. Unfortunately we don’t know his hour of birth, so we won’t be able to provide a precise analysis of his chart. Nevertheless, we are going to deepen its dominant trends.

Sun conjunct Pluto on Caput Draconis

The first thing that catches the eye about Lapo’s chart is his natal Sun in partile conjunction with Pluto on the North Lunar Node (Caput Draconis). This is a very interesting aspect which immediately reveals the dark nature (Pluto) of his vital forces (the Sun) dwelling within—at the very core of his personality.

Please note that darkness doesn’t necessarily mean evil, and light doesn’t always stand for good as well. It simply means that their essence remains unseen, hidden or secret. However, we can’t deny that most of times we tend to hide what we don’t likeTwitter about ourselves or what is not commonly accepted by society.

The truth be told, both the Sun and Pluto are debilitated in Libra, the Sun being in its fall and Pluto in its detriment respectively. This means that they are not well. Unable to express themselves freely, they feel in a way stuck by the forces of Libra.

Harmony, balance, beauty, and especially bourgeois manners are preventing his Sun to shine of that dark glamour (Pluto) he seems to look for in fashion (Venus in Virgo) and extreme companies (trans prostitutes, cocaine parties, etc.).

The North Lunar Node intensifies the conjunction to the point of making it a karmic issue: the individual can’t ignore it, and it is compelled—by hook or by crook—to confront it.

Moon and Saturn in Leo

The Moon Sign is very important since it is able to reveal the driving need of a person. In Lapo’s case, the Moon in Leo is all about acknowledgment. Not only he needs (Moon) to shine and create (Leo) but he also has a profound need to be recognized by people that matters to him.

Unfortunately we can’t analyze his fourth house—which is related to the fatherly figure—but since his Moon is in Leo we can assume that he is mainly looking for his father’s approval. After all, his nightly escapades could also be a search for attention perpetrated by his inner child (again, the Moon).

Even though Saturn is not in conjunction with the Moon it still shares with her the energy of the sign. Self-expression and spontaneity—that need to shine we mentioned above—are both blocked (Saturn) by discipline and… sense of royalty (Leo).

In other words, I think that his education as a noble (his mother is after all the Countess Margherita Agnelli) has castrated his spontaneity. On top of that, Saturn in Leo also gives him a strong respect for tradition and ancestors (especially for the Grandfather-Saturn). This makes him feel he must fit in order to be worthy of the lineage he is carrying on.

In fact as we are about to see his sense of belonging to the family is very strong.

Jupiter and Mars in Cancer

Jupiter is in its exaltation in Cancer. The planet of faith and sense of belonging is in the sign of the family which literally become “the only people you can trust”. Clearly another piece in the puzzle that allows us to better understand his struggle.

To recap: he wants to belong to the family (Jupiter in Cancer) and to be worthy of the lineage (Saturn in Leo). He also has a strong need to be acknowledged and to express himself (Moon in Leo). But his Sun, bearer of his vital forces, has a dark side he doesn’t want to reveal to others (Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra).

In this scenario Mars is crucial, because it represents the ability of the person to affirm himself. Alas, Mars is in its fall in Cancer (and in its triplicity, though). This position is “the rest of the warrior” and does not allow Lapo to fight and stand up for himself.

Neptune and Diversity

The largest part of both scandals revolves around the fact that he was found entertaining himself with transsexuals. Analyzing Neptune—planet of diversity—we can see it making aspects with both the feminine planets: a trine with the Moon in Leo and a square with Venus in Virgo.

The conformism of the Virgo clearly doesn’t allow him to live this kind of love (Venus) in a healthy way, activating his Sun-Pluto conjunction as a countermeasure (sex with prostitutes, downfall of Venus which rules Libra). However, the Moon trine Neptune suggests that this kind of company meets his emotional needs.

Personally I don’t think he is mainly looking for sex and drugs through those experiences. I believe he is trying to feel whole (Neptune), looking for love and acknowledgement (Moon) from people who can understand his pain because they are normally despised and mistreated.

Lapo, you are definitely doing it in the wrong way.