Jupiter in Scorpio – A Philosopher Walking Alone in the Mist

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I look at the Sun. My eyes closed, I can feel the warmth on my face as a blessing. The winds of fall have come, and the sunlight shines weaker full of nostalgia. Candles are lit, little beacons in the night that grows stronger.

Jupiter has entered Scorpio. Which kind of wisdom lies in the shadows? What can we learn from darkness? The swamp transforms everything by means of its secret fire. But its stinging mud is a mystery to us. Still, we are asked to dare and have faith: beneath the smelly dirt the treasures of the earth are waiting for the brave.

A philosopher walks alone in the mist. He carries an orange-gold lamp that illuminates his thick beard. His eyes are deep as the secrets he keeps. A silent man who’s alone only because few are willing to follow him. Still, he is smiling full of confidence and trust: death is just an illusion.

We die to ourselves again and again. Change is the little death that chases our shadow. But what if we were actually able to master change? Uncertainty wouldn’t be so painful and the croak of anxiety in our head would stop. Maybe.

A skull as a symbol for Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio

Expansion in the depths of the Underworld. Exploring the Unconscious. To dare, to risk. Tasting taboos. Testing the extremes. Learning how black can turn into white, coal into diamonds. Rescuing life forces stuck in hell. Dosing sufferance for the greater good. Occult powers and knowledge. Experience from confronting the shadow. This if all goes well.

Otherwise the landing might be rough. To the negative, Jupiter in Scorpio becomes the door for nasty exaggeration. Plunged into psychic swamps. Narcissistic mind-games. Sex addiction and dysfunctional relationships. Spiritual intoxication. Black magic. Wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. Financial manipulation. Power over ethics. Abusing elites. Poisonous truths. Political blackmailing. Blood for oil.

A Philosophy of Darkness

Without Sloth we would not rest. Respect your body.

Without Envy we would not be looking for who we really are. Find yourself.

Without Lust we would not be interested in others. Consider other people.

Without Pride we would not stand up for ourselves. Know your worth.

Without Rage we would not be looking for justice. Do what it takes.

Without Gluttony we would not feel the emptiness of what is meaningless. Search for meaning.

Without Avarice we would not restrain ourselves. Discipline yourself.

Lapo Elkann Natal Chart – Fake Kidnapping Scandal

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Today all Italian newspapers have reported that Lapo Elkann, grandson of former Fiat Automobiles CEO Gianni Agnelli, faked his own kidnapping after he ran out of cash, during a two-day bender with a transsexual escort in New York (read The Daily Beast article for further details).

This is not the first time for Lapo, who was found in October 2005 overdosed in the apartment of a transsexual prostitute in Turin. After the death of his grandfather his life seems to be full of successes and scandals. Let’s take a look at his Natal Chart to better understand what is leading him like a moth towards the flame.


Lapo was born on October 7, 1977 in New York. Unfortunately we don’t know his hour of birth, so we won’t be able to provide a precise analysis of his chart. Nevertheless, we are going to deepen its dominant trends.

Sun conjunct Pluto on Caput Draconis

The first thing that catches the eye about Lapo’s chart is his natal Sun in partile conjunction with Pluto on the North Lunar Node (Caput Draconis). This is a very interesting aspect which immediately reveals the dark nature (Pluto) of his vital forces (the Sun) dwelling within—at the very core of his personality.

Please note that darkness doesn’t necessarily mean evil, and light doesn’t always stand for good as well. It simply means that their essence remains unseen, hidden or secret. However, we can’t deny that most of times we tend to hide what we don’t likeTwitter about ourselves or what is not commonly accepted by society.

The truth be told, both the Sun and Pluto are debilitated in Libra, the Sun being in its fall and Pluto in its detriment respectively. This means that they are not well. Unable to express themselves freely, they feel in a way stuck by the forces of Libra.

Harmony, balance, beauty, and especially bourgeois manners are preventing his Sun to shine of that dark glamour (Pluto) he seems to look for in fashion (Venus in Virgo) and extreme companies (trans prostitutes, cocaine parties, etc.).

The North Lunar Node intensifies the conjunction to the point of making it a karmic issue: the individual can’t ignore it, and it is compelled—by hook or by crook—to confront it.

Moon and Saturn in Leo

The Moon Sign is very important since it is able to reveal the driving need of a person. In Lapo’s case, the Moon in Leo is all about acknowledgment. Not only he needs (Moon) to shine and create (Leo) but he also has a profound need to be recognized by people that matters to him.

Unfortunately we can’t analyze his fourth house—which is related to the fatherly figure—but since his Moon is in Leo we can assume that he is mainly looking for his father’s approval. After all, his nightly escapades could also be a search for attention perpetrated by his inner child (again, the Moon).

Even though Saturn is not in conjunction with the Moon it still shares with her the energy of the sign. Self-expression and spontaneity—that need to shine we mentioned above—are both blocked (Saturn) by discipline and… sense of royalty (Leo).

In other words, I think that his education as a noble (his mother is after all the Countess Margherita Agnelli) has castrated his spontaneity. On top of that, Saturn in Leo also gives him a strong respect for tradition and ancestors (especially for the Grandfather-Saturn). This makes him feel he must fit in order to be worthy of the lineage he is carrying on.

In fact as we are about to see his sense of belonging to the family is very strong.

Jupiter and Mars in Cancer

Jupiter is in its exaltation in Cancer. The planet of faith and sense of belonging is in the sign of the family which literally become “the only people you can trust”. Clearly another piece in the puzzle that allows us to better understand his struggle.

To recap: he wants to belong to the family (Jupiter in Cancer) and to be worthy of the lineage (Saturn in Leo). He also has a strong need to be acknowledged and to express himself (Moon in Leo). But his Sun, bearer of his vital forces, has a dark side he doesn’t want to reveal to others (Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra).

In this scenario Mars is crucial, because it represents the ability of the person to affirm himself. Alas, Mars is in its fall in Cancer (and in its triplicity, though). This position is “the rest of the warrior” and does not allow Lapo to fight and stand up for himself.

Neptune and Diversity

The largest part of both scandals revolves around the fact that he was found entertaining himself with transsexuals. Analyzing Neptune—planet of diversity—we can see it making aspects with both the feminine planets: a trine with the Moon in Leo and a square with Venus in Virgo.

The conformism of the Virgo clearly doesn’t allow him to live this kind of love (Venus) in a healthy way, activating his Sun-Pluto conjunction as a countermeasure (sex with prostitutes, downfall of Venus which rules Libra). However, the Moon trine Neptune suggests that this kind of company meets his emotional needs.

Personally I don’t think he is mainly looking for sex and drugs through those experiences. I believe he is trying to feel whole (Neptune), looking for love and acknowledgement (Moon) from people who can understand his pain because they are normally despised and mistreated.

Lapo, you are definitely doing it in the wrong way.


The Voice of the New Moon in Scorpio 2016

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Each new moon occurs in darkness—like a seed sprouting underground. The doors of the skies are opened and new astral forces can penetrate into the orbit of the earth. Every month this process happens under the auspices of a zodiac sign, which leaves its mark on these energies.

A Black Moon in the sign of Scorpio, taking place on the via combusta—the cursed road of the Zodiac. A powerful image which does not bode well. It reminds me that kind of fear you have by night on your way home crossing a dangerous place. Dangerous and unpredictable. The applying trine of the Moon with Neptune gives this feeling a touch of drama and chaos, while imagination fills the shadows creating monsters—lurking in the darkness.

Sometimes this monsters are real, sometimes it’s all in your head. But the sextile between this Moon and a strong Mars—in exaltation in Capricorn—suggests that this time monsters are real. They do take advantage of the situation and are able to strike mercilessly.

So, how do you feel right now? Are you ready to give the coup de grace? Or are you rather frightened on your way home, trying to cross the woods safely? To me this seems to be the perfect night to hunt, and honestly I wouldn’t be in the shoes of the prey.


This creepy scenario is toned down by the mutual reception of the benefics: Venus in Sagittarius—conjunct Saturn—sextile Jupiter in Libra. This image talks about justice and righteousness which are emphatically pursued with a sence of urgency (Venus and Saturn trine Uranus). It’s almost like they were saying: we must do something about this prey in danger—it’s not right!

The prey, the predator and the rescuer. The whole picture reminds me the perfect triangle of victimismTwitter . What do you think about it? Is this somehow resonating with you? Sometimes we feel like we must do something—that we have to save them. Personally, I believe we can just offer—not impose—our help because in the end they can be saved only by themselves.

Facing Powerlessness

Powerlessness is something very difficult to accept. Whether you are putting yourself in the role of the victim or the rescuer, the truth is that sometimes you just can’t do anything about it. If you could have done something, you wouldn’t be a victim; if you really believe you can save someone, well… in my opinion you are going to face frustration. No one can save anyoneTwitter .

Just take for example what happened to my partner two weeks ago. When things like that happen there’s nothing you can do about it. You just have to rely on doctors and wait. Obviously, I’m helping him in all possible ways—I’m there for him. But I know that I can’t send his pain away, and yes—this makes me feel powerless. And it’s ok.

The hardest part to accept comes from the awareness that everybody is alone in their painTwitter . We are all in our own way challenged by life so you just can’t expect to deny the experience of pain to anyone—not even your children. You can only be there for them whenever they need—reaching them out with both open hand and heart.


Why It’s Important to Feed an Inner Light

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Castel del Monte, Andria (BT), ITALY— photo shot by Niccolò Rigacci

I can feel the warmth of sunlight on the face; the smells of the tired earth; the cool autumn wind on my chest. Today is Michaelmas, the festival dedicated to the Archangel Michael—warrior of the light. It is a potent archetype which reminds us to start feeding an inner light inside of us—preventing darkness to reach out our hearts.

Michael doesn’t kill the dragon. Our lower nature must not be rejected, condemned or despised. The only demons that exist in us are the ones we need. Sometimes we all need to blame something—or someone—especially when things go wrong. It is part of our nature—one of those weaknesses that make us human. And also the main reason why we create scapegoats (what demons really are).

Micheal’s symbols—the sword and the scale—have several traditional meanings. But today, as if I was interpreting a personal dream, I’m going to tell you the meaning they have for me. I like to think they are an exhortation to fight for that frail balance I was talking about on the Autumnal Equinox.

November is a tough month, isn’t it? It is the period of the year when the life of summer definitively dies. That’s why—as the external light fades away—an inner light must gradually replace it. After all, what’s depression if not the feeling that every light has gone? This might happen suddenly, but most of times you slip slowly into it.

That’s why it is important to feed an inner light. It can be anything that resonates within you: the memory of your loved ones, your meditation practice, contemplating nature, a sense of honor and integrity, and so on. Just find your own way—it will be like having a lantern that enlightens your way through the season.

The Voice of the Fall Equinox 2016

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Summer is about to end. The Autumnal Equinox is coming—light and darkness balancing each other. The physical warmth of the season is aging, turning slowly into a spiritual fire that kindly awakens human souls on earth. You can feel it everywhere, in the smells of the earth.

Equinoxes are challenging. They are all about balance between two opposite—yet complementary—forces. There is no effort without resting; no achievement without patience; no celebration without hard work. So, where are you stumbling? We all are, somewhere. We are indeed creatures of habit, but our habits are rarely balanced.

Personally, I worry too much. I always think to the worst case scenario, acting according to my pessimist mindset. Sometimes this might be a pro, but actually it is exhausting most of the time. I know you just can’t live like that, but to me trusting the Universe is hard. And in the end, a challenge.

What about you? What is your challenge?

The Sun Enters Libra

The Sun is about to enter Libra—the sign of balance. As you may know, I don’t really believe in general horoscopes. Nevertheless, I’m curious: how is the Sun doing with this equinox? If we are struggling with balance, why shouldn’t he? It sounds like a bad joke, but technically the Sun in Libra is in his fall. It’s a hard time for everybody.

Let’s see… he is leaving behind Virgo—where he had a bad square to Mars in Sagittarius—to conjunct Jupiter in Libra. I don’t want to make it too complicated, after all we are just playing a little bit with astrology here. Still, this image speaks by itself. No more controversy, struggles and fights—the lord of trust, faith and wisdom is waiting for the new Sun of Autumn.

Have a good week.