Sun enters Scorpio 2021 — The Spirit Stands Still in the Midst of Chaos

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The golden colors of fall begin to turn into blood red tints. The senses get blurry as the first fogs of the season cloak us in their hug. Nature lets itself go, melancholy surrendering as it enters the heart of autumn.

The Soul of the World—Persephone—is about to cross the threshold of the Hades. All life around is inviting us to turn on a little flame inside of us, a lantern with which confronting the upcoming night of the year.

Stepping into Scorpio, the Sun shines with a supernatural light. Sol luce supernaturali refulget. It’s the spiritual light of the Ancient Sun, the stage of development of the solar system when—according to Anthroposophy—life itself was born.

We can clearly feel the Sun crossing the threshold of the spiritual world. As they say, the veil gets thinner as we approach Samhain, or Halloween—all saints’ eve. And we can get in touch more easily with our beloved departed.

The lantern, the inner light we are invited to turn on inside, can also be the light of thoughts we can offer them through prayer. Dead and alive, we are all connected, and helping them also helps us back in return.

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Sun enters Libra 2021 — Reading the Heavenly Writing on Michaelmas

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On Sunday, September 19th I was invited by my friend Giorgio Tarditi Spagnoli to join him in his annual path of anthroposophical meetings called “Vivente Antroposofia” (Living Anthroposophy) to talk about the Archangel Michael (who’s now ascended to the spheres of the Archai, the Spirits of Time). The event was hosted on Opera Omnia Online, a project by Antonio Passarelli.

While Giorgio introduced us to the rich symbolical meanings of the sword and the scale, walking us through the Mysteries of Mithras and the Myth of Perseus, I focused more on the Astrosophical perspective.

In this article I’m going to briefly describing my contribute to the session we led together, which in my opinion turned out to be a beautiful tribute to the forces of this high spiritual being.

St. Michael and the Dragon
Raffaello, 1506

Michaelmas 2021, Choosing the right moment

What we want to do in this article is take a look to the chart of the festival of Michael, which falls on September 29th (today!). So in order to have a chart to work on, we had to choose the very moment in which Michael’s day begins. As you may know, astrology is an Art of Time, and the moment an event begins (whatever it is) describes its whole potential.

So we decided to take the very beginning of the day, but understood from an esoteric perspective. Traditionally, this moment corresponds to the sunset of the previous day. That is September 28th at 18:57, Rome (Italy).

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Mercury Retrograde in Libra 2021 – Closing the Elemental Triangle of Air

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Mercury is about to turn retrograde, reaching the final step of the Elemental Triangle of Air. As we’ve been describing in several articles, this year Mercury stations in all three air signs: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. On September 27th, Mercury is going to complete this process in Libra, challenging us especially in the relationship field.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra 2021: Stone Balancing

As we know, Mercury is at home in air signs, especially because it rules this elemental triplicity with Saturn (Saturn by day, Mercury by night). As the god of the mind and intellect, Mercury in Libra turns his mental sharpness to the understanding of relational dynamics.

This means that when it turns retrograde we can expect challenges in this regard. Which concerns not only our significant other, but other people in general. Especially if a formal bond or relation exists between you and them. In other words, Mercury retrograde not only affects marriage (or long term relationships) but contracts and agreements as well.

The way Mercury retrograde challenges us is always the same. Misunderstandings and delays are the weapons the planet uses to force the mind to turn inwardly.

Frustration makes us question ourselves, in order to understand what’s wrong in us or others. But above all, in us. This transit in fact is always an opportunity for self knowledge and awareness.

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Sun enters Virgo 2021 — Lívstræðrir, Threads of Life

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September has come, and the great wheel start spinning again. Coldness is the movement of the Soul that goes from without towards within. Everything begins to shrink, slowly getting back into itself. It’s the movement of our consciousness coming back home. The last part of Summer wants us to wake up.

But have we slept, during the last months? Did we allow the Sulphur of the Dragon, entangled in the summer heat, to trick us into an illusional head space, built on the fake tower of our instincts? Dear illusions, they help us to carry on after all. But maybe now the time has come to leave part of them behind.

Michelangelo’s Pietà, St Peter’s Basilica (1498–99)

The Sun has entered Virgo—the Virgin Mother. In Nature there is this mysterious space, very difficult to spot. It is the space between the physical and the etheric, the dense and the subtle. When does the subtle worlds become physical? Where is it, this ineffable space when one fades into the other? When the subtle becomes heavy, when the etheric becomes matter?

This gesture is so delicate and quick, mysterious and challenging. It’s the place where we fall, it’s the error. But it is also the womb of possibility, holding the mysteries of the substance and transubstantiation. There, a Goddess dwells who holds out her hand to us. The spirit of a gentle alchemy.

Courtesy Becomes Sensitivity of Heart

In a moment full of struggle and anger, this saving presence draws near. Up in the sky we not only have the stars of the constellation of the Virgin. The white light of these stars turns into the golden light of the Sun, filtered through the Sign of Virgo. And in the world—through the holiest of the spirits—it transforms in love, in all-prevailing Love.

Usually, we find this Zodiacal Virtue expressed as “Courtesy becomes steadiness of feeling”. But in my opinion, this translation misses the sense of touch brought into the sphere of the heart. So I prefer translate it as “Sensitivity of Heart”.

At first, courtesy is just about manners. But in time it trains our soul to feel that subtle space between us and the other person. What’s living there, again in this mysterious place in between? All the unsaid, all the words we are too afraid or too proud to say. Courtesy, that sometimes we can just call kindness, is about honoring this space.

It becomes the art of welcoming the other person, inviting them to connect to us. And it doesn’t matter what we say. Sometimes it’s better to say nothing, so that something else might find for us the words we don’t have.

This is in my opinion the sensitivity of heart—one of the doors to the Sophia.

Upcoming Astrological Events

Tomorrow Mercury is stepping inside the shadow period, before turning retrograde in Libra on September 27th. This transit is going to complete the three stages of the Elemental Triangle of Air we’ve been talking across the year.

As we’ve seen, Air is the main element of the year. And with a Mercury in Libra challenges are going to focus on the relationship with others. So please, be kind with people.

In October we are going to also have an interesting new Moon in Libra, which is going to involve Mars before the planet enters in Scorpio, its nocturnal domicile.

Then we are going to have Eclipse Season 2, starting with a Partial Lunar Eclipse on November 19th. Immediately following, we are going to have a Total Solar Eclipse on December 4th.

December is going to be very interesting, also because we are going to talk about Venus Retrograde in Capricorn and Jupiter getting definitely back to Pisces (I’m going to consider them as part of 2022, though).

On top of that, we’re also going to witness to the backlash of the Saturn Uranus Square, since it’s going to be perfect again on Christmas Eve.

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Happy Holidays

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Hey Guys,

this is an aside post just to say hi and wish you happy holidays.

I’m going to be back in late August with new articles, and hopefully with some news.

We are in troubled times, and apparently the Saturn-Uranus square is harshly putting us against each other. For this reason I wanted to greet you by pointing out this article:

Meteor Showers — The Iron of the Gods against Anxiety and Fear

Tonight is going to be St. Lawrence’s Night. May the cosmic iron shine through our blood, strengthening us against fear—a feeling that’s increasingly trying to ensnare our hearts these days.

Happy Holidays

— Roberto

Per Aspera ad Sidera

The Return of Jupiter with Two Full Moons in Aquarius 2021

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The sky is perfectly clear again. The air becomes transparent like crystal, and the purest light extends through it. The higher mind strays from the moist quality of mysticism. And its clarity can return to address the contingent problems of existence.
Philosophy ceases to be speculation. The world is asking for attention to find a solution to the challenges of the moment. A time when social issues are heating up again.

Seagull flying free in a blue sky
Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

On July 28th Jupiter retrograde got back into Aquarius. The Great Benefic left its nocturnal domicile in Pisces to fuel up again ideals of freedom and Social Justice.

And not only Jupiter’s presence is going to shape the astral world into Aquarian thought-forms. But we are also going to have an extra Full Moon in Aquarius during the upcoming lunation.

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Sun enters Leo 2021 — A Moment for Retrospective and Compassion

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We are entering the very heart of Summer. Leo, the golden sign, bearer of the forces of the Sun. The human hearts open up to the heat, recognizing in it the trace of an ancient form of life. The golden age, the lost childhood of humanity, when the mind hadn’t started to lie to us yet.

But in the crucible of summer heat, new sulphurous instincts are cultivated in us, which rekindle the flame of struggle. Whereas our Soul patiently wait for the cosmic iron of St. Lorence’s night, to cool them down.

Leone di San Marco, Basilica di San Marco, Venezia
Leone di San Marco
Basilica di San Marco, VENICE

In this article we are going to summarize the last astrological months. We are going to look at the direction we’ve been taking so far, in order to better understand where we are going and what to expect in the near future.

As always, we are also going to take into the account the Zodiacal Virtue of the Month.

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