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Everybody knows the Goddess of Beauty and Love. Her glyph—universal symbol for the feminine—is also well known. But where did she come from? According to Hesiod’s Theogony Venus was born from the sea foam, after Cronus cut off Uranus’s genitals and threw them into the ocean. Homer instead, wrote in the Iliad she was the daughter of Zeus and Dione.

La Nascita di Venere, Botticelli

In Plato’s Symposium we find out that these origins referred to two different entities: Aphrodite Ourania (heavenly, spiritual) and Aphrodite Pandemos (common to all the people). This tells us something very interesting. Love is something highly spiritual, but at the same time perfectly common.


Venus as a Force

Technically speaking, Venus is the force of Attraction. We’re lured toward anything we find beautiful or simply able to give us pleasure. Design objects, stunning pieces of artwork, charming perfumes, delicious aromas, elegant clothes, our favorite songs and so on. This also applies to those we love—above all—the person we’re in love with. Venus is the goddess of pleasure and contentment, both physical and moral.

Loving something is to regard it valuable and worthy. Venus represents indeed the ability to value things or people—in other words our judgment. This is crucial, because we choose our goals in life using it as a compass. Without Venus we have no direction in life. Everything’s is pointless simply because it is not worth it.

In this process she’s very reasonable. She’s like a lady watching the contenders compete for her, weighing both sides of the scale. Calmly, she evaluates all the pros and cons. She’s always going to hear the other side of the story, but in the end a decision is made. She knows her value as well as what she deserves.

Judgement and beauty are a matter of harmony and balance, as well as physical health. Being Venus the goddess of pleasure, feeling well falls under her rulership. Strictly speaking, she’s not a force of healing but she’s definitely able to diminish the pain and cure the symptoms. Body creams, lotions and cosmetics—as anything that makes us feel good—are her gifts to humanity.


The Law of Attraction

Among the forces of the Universe, the Law of Attraction is the most famous in the spiritual community. It is considered a way we can follow to manifest what we want in our life. For those not familiar with it, the Law of Attraction states that everything happens to us is the result of our focus, which is basically driven by our thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

For example, if we constantly focus on the worst case scenario—most likely because we believe it’s going to happen—we are attracting it in our life. It functions similarly to the self-fulfilling prophecy “that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behavior” (cit. Wikipedia).

The Law of Attraction doesn’t respond to what we desire, it responds to what we focus on. When we are longing for something we are focusing on lack rather than contentment. We desire it because we miss it, so we end up “getting its absence”. This is why spiritual teachers stress to focus on gratitude, as if you already had the object of your desire.

Venus and the LOA

From an astrological perspective, the more you tune into Venus’ vibration the more you’re going to understand the Law of Attraction. Desire in fact belongs to Mars—the God of War—not to Venus. In this field is the law: like attracts like.

If you focus on joy, pleasure, appreciation, gratitude and satisfaction you become interesting. People want to stick around. You attract them because your vibes are good—you make them appreciate life and feel better. When it comes to material matters, if you focus on what you love rather than on “what you think you need  in order to achieve what you love” things are going to manifest easily for you.

This gave Venus the reputation of Fortuna Minor, whereas Jupiter was known as Fortuna Maior. In fact without faith, confidence or trust even the Law of Attraction isn’t going to work. In addition, always remember that shadow work is the essential counterpart to the practical application of the Law of Attraction.


Key Words

  • Femininity, etiquette, manners, courtesy, politeness, refinement,
  • beauty, style, charm, attraction, admiration, elegance
  • hedonism, pleasure, taste, enjoyment, contentment, satisfaction, love,
  • hygiene, cleanliness, health, wellness, care, harmony,
  • decency, decorumdignity, detachment, distance
  • rejection, disobedience, choice, judgment, balance, order

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