Hey everybody & Welcome to Astronomicon.co!

My name is Rob. I’m an Italian astrologer based in the north east of the country. In my spiritual journey I learned how Astrology can be an incredible way for self-knowledge, and a valuable tool to help people. It is also a poetic way to tune in with the rhythms of nature and the cosmos. If you also feel a connection to this path, follow me on my journey.

A few words about my formation. After being self-taught for several years, I embarked on a three-year training at the CIDA delegation of Trieste (Italian Center for Astrological Disciplines) which I completed in 2014. My approach to astrology is a good mix between the modern psychological approach and the ancient traditional texts.

In Natal Chart readings I find the former to be more useful. Nowadays we can handle psychological concepts very easily, and in the end what we need on a self-development path is a set of conceptual tools we can use as a compass to navigate through our psyche. In that sense, working with a Natal Chart is like having a map. It allows you to always be aware of where you are. No matter if you are developing your Moon or if you are having issues with your mercurial traits—you won’t get lost.

The modern psychological approach is great, but when it comes to Horary Astrology or Electional Charts traditional rules can’t be ignored. These techniques have been put to the test for centuries by a large number of great astrologers. Furthermore, they allow us to deepen several aspects often completely ignored by the modern approach. I believe that Tradition and modern spiritual research should work together to jointly create a complete view of an integrated astrology.

The Astronomicon

The name of the blog is a play on words which refers to the Necronomicon—a fictional textbook of dark magic invented by H. P. Lovecraft that appears in his novels. I always liked how it sounds, not to mention that it has also a real meaning. The title comes from the greek words nekrosnomos and eikon which can be translated as “an image of the law of the dead”. So I thought it would be cool to have a blog called “an image of the law of the stars”: asteres, nomos, eikon. The Astronomicon was born.

With great pleasure—and surprise—I only later discovered that Astronomicon was also the title of an ancient book written by the roman astrologer Marco Manilio, lived in the first century B.C. Apparently, it is the oldest known Latin treatise on astrology.